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On this page you can find examples of options available inside your log home. The tremendous character of a log home is perhaps even more evident once you step inside.


Living spaces

Log Home living at it's best.



Kitchen. The heart of every home.

Another bonus of exposed wood inside your home is that it rests comfortably beside all other finishes.
Stone, glass, ceramics, painted drywall, dressed-wood, chrome, aluminum, steel, wrought iron, polycarbonate, and furnishings all look great next to natural wood.



Bedrooms. Where the dreams are made.




Mezzanine floors and balconies

Most log home designs have an abundance of vertical space in them, and you don't have to scale up to alpine lodge sizes to appreciate the charm of these upper flooring layout options.





Once you've decided on an upper floor you'll need to get up there of course, and we have those options well covered. Whether your staircase is a proud centre-piece, a slender spiral, or a corner-stair it will be beautiful.w

Log Posts

Corner windows

A very popular option in homes we've built. A particularly effective way to distinguish your home from a traditional cabin style.


Conventional walls

creates a beautiful combination with a log wall.






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