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Design of this house has been inspired by our NLH favorite plan - The Clearwater. It is one of the most cost effective 3 bedroom log homes, we came across, yet not lacking character and style. This plan features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, log truss entry, carport...

- In April 2012 NLH crew assembled this well designed 3 bedroom house in Lake Tekapo. Local carpenters finished it off just before cold winter in the heart of Mackenzie Country set in.

Pictures from assembly day:

After three months of work in our construction yard in Geraldine it was time to reassemble this house on it's foundation in Lake Tekapo.

The crew is fitting wool in to every long groove. We keep it natural.

Good team work is essential.
One day of work. Not too bad at all!

Next day we assembled a carport and this stunning entry, getting lots of attention of everyone going past !


Owners testimonial:

"Having recently moved to Mackenzie Country we decided we wanted to build a sustainable home that would suit the environment. A Natural Log Home was high on the list, and once we had met Graeme and his crew in Geraldine, we saw the passion these guys had for their hand crafted homes, and our minds were made up. The whole process went without a hitch, from the initial concept of our ideas right through to construction day on site, we were guided by the experience and the practical approach of the Natural Log Homes crew. These guys delivered in every sense, their passion is infectious, their genuine interest in our project comforting, and boy do they know how to use a chain saw! The results speak for themselves, our log home is simply stunning and quite frankly why would you build any other way...."

Cheers Mouldy, a great ride!

Thanks again,

Matt & Nat


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Photos courtesy of R.W.Chambers. Text copyright © Natural Log Homes Ltd, 2011.
Last update in November 2013.