Delivery & Assembly

Shipping Your Kitset to You

Once completed, your log home shell will be carefully loaded into containers ready for shipment. All log surfaces (including inside notches and grooves) are sprayed with Copper-8 and Cleanwood to prevent all stains and mildew.

We want shipping to be worry-free for you, so we coordinate all aspects of transport with you.

No one ships more handcrafted log homes by container— we have the skills and experience to ensure it arrives safe, clean, and ready to assemble.

“Swing lift” trucks can pick up a full 40-foot container (28 tonnes) and set it onto their trailer. From here it goes to a rail yard to be delivered door to door to your site.

Containers are carefully packed to protect the notches and the installed gaskets.

Every log is shipped with 2 lifting slings pre-installed — that makes unloading each container easy, and keeps the logs neat and clean (see top left photo).

Containers get a heavy, waterproof cover to keep the weather out.


To allow for efficient reassembly, every log is pre-stropped with nylon lifting slings, ( not log damaging steel spiked tongs!!) and each log is uniquely labeled. You will  not have to pry logs out of the truck, or use tongs which can damage logs. Because we underscribe the corner notches, you can remove the strops from each log after it has been set in place.

Natural Log Homes offers the cleanest, easiest, fastest, and most reliable reassembly system in the handcrafted industry. We normally want one or two of our staff to be on-site during the entire re-assembly. You will need your builder and a couple of his staff, and a Hiab or mobile hydraulic crane of sufficient capacity and reach to assemble the kitset on your foundation. Many of our home shells can be assembled in 2 to 4 days. We are fast and efficiant at this.