Our Trees

Douglas Fir, Lawson, Corsican, and others

Because of their strength, durability and beauty, we use Douglas fir and other timber species. Additionally, we are often able to purchase and build from some of the finest cypress and cedar logs in the world. These timbers are known for their exceptional resistance to weather and decay.

You will need to consult with your District Council building department concerning what timber species they will allow for log homes. All our trees come from carefully-managed plantation not from clear-felled native forests. Now 100% of our log suppliers are FSC certified.

  • Timber Species : Douglas fir — cypress and cedar sometimes available by special order
  • Diameters : 280mm and larger tips & approximately 450mm butts (large ends)
  • Length : 18 metre maximum length
  • Log Appearance : natural shapes & natural taper, smooth and clean. Hand drawknifed.
  • Grading : all logs are warranted to be free of insects, insect holes, or decay. We will soon be offering graded logs to US-recognized standards.
  • Anti-sapstain spray: Copper-8, EPA-registered, water-based, FDA-approved for food contact. Baimol anti-mould.
  • Splices : never a visible splice (butt joint) in any wall log.


Our logs arrive in the yard with their bark on-it’s a convenient protective wrapper to protect them during shipping! Once in our yard we measure and inventory each log, noting its unique characteristics. Then the bark is carefully removed with sharp drawknives. It’s hard work, and demanding, but the results speak for themselves – massive, smooth logs that you want to touch.

Beautifully Finished Surfaces

Hand draw-knifing is labour-intensive, and it produces a beautiful, smooth, “faceted” finish that you’ll want to touch.

We treat your logs like “wallpaper” — after all, this is the finished interior of your home!

Beautiful NZ Douglas Fir being prepared in our yard.

All our trees come from managed plantations that are certified by the independent Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as being sustainably grown and harvested.

  • 12m (40-foot) to 18.5m (61-foot) lengths.
  • Massive diameters.
  • Gun-barrel straight.
  • Natural taper from tip (small end) to butt (large end).