Stairs, Archways, Gazebos, ...

Here you will find examples of posts, trusses, staircases, archways, entries, and some of our furniture etc. They do not have to be designed for log homes only. Often they are being used in conventional house designs as well.

Pool House

On the pictures bellow you can see a beautifully handcrafted pool house with douglas fir tree stumps. This entertainment area provides endless talking points.


They can take your log home design to the next level. And they are a great feature even for conventional homes.


Custom Made Hobbit Doors – For a Lord of the Rings fan

Lord of the Rings – Custom made Hobbit doors – Click here to read an article in ILBA newsletter.

Doors under construction in our yard in Geraldine.
Lord of the Rings Door - Hobbit
Door fitted to custom steel frame.
Lord of the Rings Door - Hobbit
And a completed Hobbit door installed.
Lord of the Rings Door - Hobbit

Handcrafted Stairs

Log Railing


The immediate plus with an archway in your wall is the great sense of space and depth they lend to the rooms they join. You’ll also enjoy the extra light and uninterrupted flow of warming air in winter.

Log Trusses,

We are the kings of building Log trusses, yes we can make milled timber trusses, or amazing log trusses to compliment your Log roof system, not all roof systems need log trusses, but man they make a statement, massive log pieces engineer designed to hold your roof system, with hidden steel connections or exposed, check out some of these beauties.

Forked Tree Verandah

Pool House

Log Mailbox

Log picnic or feature tables wow

SIDE TABLE STUMPS, made to your size, these ones have old ski rope tow rope, as the wrap around, or you could have steel or chain.

Heavy timber wedding arch, to be decorated how you like, check out wedding venue “Hiltonview”

Saddle stands a real favourite

Cake boards, Cheese boards bread boards, all made to order, remember untreated yay.

Out side Rustic Bar, two opening serveries, perfect for gardens weddings etc, check out “Hiltonview”