Natural Log Homes

“We love what we do” is our moto, we are excellent Professional artisans of wood and we have grown into the biggest log home company in the Southern hemisphere. Log homes are Warm strong unique and timeless, We have a construction yard, we have a tower crane we build your home, not some body else, you can visit your log home being built at our construction facility in Geraldine,

Log homes have hundreds of years of history through out Canada and northern Europe and Log homes are very much suited to New Zealand’s Climate and rugged beauty.

Our homes are unsurpassed in quality, style and comfort, modern and spacious or small and cosy, Lodges or family homes. Our customers love their log homes their testimonies speak for themselves.
Enjoy your visit, come visit us in Geraldine, or contact me with any questions you may have.

Regards Graeme

All of our custom log homes are built from natural logs, and all logs are fully scribe-fitted to each other. All our log home shells are handmade, and the notches and grooves are scribed and cut by craftsmen, not by machines. That’s why we call ourselves “Natural Log Homes” — Our homes are 100% natural and made by hand.

Our home designs vary in size and complexity, and we always uphold the highest standards of quality and artistic craftsmanship that homeowners have come to expect from us for a quarter of a century.

We are passionate about providing our customers with log home shells that are unsurpassed in quality, value, environmental awareness, ease of ownership, design, and appearance. We invite you to read on and learn more about Natural Log Homes and the benefits we can offer you.

We ship our log home shell kit sets throughout New Zealand, Oceania, Europe, Japan and the USA. Other locations are also invited….please contact us so we can help you.